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Inclined Plate Settler

There are two types of inclined tube fillers: inclined tube and straight tube. There are three types of materials: PP, PVC and FRP.

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Product Introduction


There are two types of inclined tube fillers: inclined tube and straight tube. There are three types of materials: PP, PVC and FRP.

Inclined tube packing is usually settled in (USD/㎡). Because inclined tube packing has an installation angle of 60°, it is more intuitive to quote according t㎡. Conventional inclined pipe packing with a length of 1m is equivalent to 0.866m3 per square meter. Price is better measured in square meters.

Product detail

Original: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.

Price: Negotiable

Material: SUS304/SUS316L/Q235

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Equipment characteristics

The sedimentation tank in sewage treatment contains a large amount of sludge, most of which are organic matter. If the sludge is not discharged in time, anaerobic fermentation will occur, causing the sludge to float, which will not only disrupt the normal work of the sedimentation tank, but The effluent quality is deteriorated, such as the increase of soluble BOD value in the effluent water and the decrease of pH value. The sludge drainage period of the primary sedimentation tank should generally not exceed 2 days, and the drainage period of the secondary sedimentation tank should generally not exceed 2 hours. When the sludge drainage is not complete, the pond should be stopped (emptied) and the mud should be cleaned manually. The sedimentation tank for mechanical sludge removal should strengthen the maintenance and management of the sludge drainage equipment. Once the mechanical sludge drainage equipment fails, it should be repaired in time to avoid excessive sediment accumulation at the bottom of the pond and affect the quality of the effluent water.

Use two ropes that are longer than the two ends of the sump to connect to the center point of the handle. Two people each take a rope and stand on the edge of the pool. Place the cleaner on the surface of the inclined pipe nozzle and pull it in turns to make it inclined. The surface of the pipe is cleaned by rolling back and forth, and the mud in the area of the inclined pipe is broken into scattered sinks, and it is discharged when the mud is discharged.

Tube Settler Media

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