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Rotary Disc Fibers

The filter cloth of the fiber turntable filter is made of micro filter cloth tailored to the size of the filter frame. The size of the customized filter cloth matches the filter frame. The surface of the filter cloth is smooth and snug, and there will be no wrinkles and...

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Product Introduction

Rotary disc fibers Introduction

When the fiber rotary disc filter works, the filter sleeve is in contact with the anti-suction box of the device, and the friction force is small, and the filter sleeve will not be scratched due to the unqualified size of the filter sleeve.

Technical parameters


Product detail

Original: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.

Price: Negotiable

Material: SUS304/SUS316

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Common problems and solutions of fiber rotary filter      

1. Sudden decrease in flow

  Cause: The end cover is not strict, the fitting valve is not opened, the intake pressure is low, the O-ring leaks, and the piping leaks.

  Corresponding elimination methods: tighten the end cover, open the valve, check the reason and increase the intake pressure, replace the O-ring, and replace the piping.

2. Increased pressure drop

    Causes: The filter element is clogged or has a large amount of adsorption, the filter element is aging, the load of intake air impurities is large, the filter cartridge accumulates water, the automatic drain fails, and the filter installation is uneven.

    Corresponding elimination methods: replace the filter element, replace the filter element, perform pretreatment, find out the reason and eliminate the water accumulation, adjust and repair or replace the drain, and reinstall the filter.

3. Poor filtration effect

    Reasons: untreated air intake, filter aging, air contains chemicals that cannot be adsorbed by the filter, the flow rate exceeds the rated value, the air flow inside the filter is short, the filter screw is not tightened, the filter inlet and outlet are reversed, and the downstream pipeline is not Clean, the bypass valve is blocked, and the bypass valve is not closed tightly.

    Corresponding elimination methods: add pre-filter, replace filter element, pre-treat according to the situation, replace large flow filter, find symptomatic treatment, tighten the filter element, reconnect in the direction of the reference mark, rinse the downstream pipeline, remove residual pollutants, close Bypass valve.

4. The precision filter does not work

    Reasons: The inlet and outlet valves are not open, the filter element is seriously blocked, the filter is damaged, and the piping is blocked.

Working principle

When sewing the filter sleeve, in order to avoid the filter cloth from falling off and breaking during use, the sewing thread, wool sticky and other materials used are all made of chemical fiber high-strength materials, which are strong and wear-resistant, and can be in the sewage for a long time. Medium immersion avoids the corrosion of the filter cloth link by sewage and prolongs the service life of the filter sleeve.

The filter cloth filter pool includes a pool body, and a water storage tank with an open top surface and a plurality of filter cloth partitions are sequentially spaced in the pool body in the direction of the water flow, and the rear side of the water storage tank is disposed close to the pool body, and the water storage tank There is a water inlet on the bottom surface, and a buffer water tank with a top surface opening is provided on the front side of the water storage tank. The top surface of the buffer water tank is lower than the top surface of the water storage tank, and the left and right sides of the buffer water tank are provided with side outlets Spout.

The top of the filter cloth partition of the filter cloth filter tank is inclined along the water flow direction.

The angle between the filter cloth partition and the direction of water flow is 45 ° ~ 60 °.

The number of filter cloth separators is 2 ~ 4.

The top surface of its water storage tank is evenly distributed with a plurality of water storage support rods parallel to the water flow direction.

The top surface of its buffer tank is equipped with multiple buffer support rods parallel to the direction of water flow.

Its side water outlet is vertically provided with a water outlet support rod.

Rotary disc fibers

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