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Perforated Plate Fine Screen for Water Treatment

Perforated Plate fine Screen manufacturer,quality screens for wastewater treatment, 
Perforated Plate fine Screen for separation of fine suspended material. usually used for screening in entry of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plant.

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Product Introduction

Product introduction

1.Perforated Plate fine Screen for water treatment can remove floating objects and fiber materials.It is mainly composed of driving device, frame, transmission chain wheel, traction chain, network board and electrical control cabinet.

2.It can clean the grid slag without blocking the water. It has reliable clean-up effect, reliable in structure design of self-purification ability, no dirt winding, hysteresis, andit without dirt accumulation formation at the bottom of the blind angle.

3.It adapts to the use of 24h continuous work.

Product Detail

Original: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.

Material: SUS304

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set


Technical Data



It is a kind of special equipment which can automatically intercept and remove various shapes and sundries in the fluid, which can be widely used in wastewater treatment plant,water industry, power plant, also can be used as t as textile, food processing.

Equipment Characteristics

Work sheet in two side drive chain, within the scope of the whole channel width dirt from bottom to top up extraction, arrived at upper part, through the chain wheel steering function, automatically discharging dirty work.

1. Driving device

The driving device of it is located on the upper part of the rack, except for transmission, the rest is made of stainless steel.

The driving device adopts the shaft - mounted reducer to set the screw adjusting device on the second side of the frame to adjust the transmission chain tensioning.

The driving motor is suitable for power supply 380v/ three-phase/50hz, the protection grade is IP55, the insulation grade is F, and the motor rated power is 10% higher than the maximum real power consumption. With overload protection device.

The design of the drive shaft has sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the load of bending moment and torque.

2. Rack

The entire Perforated Plate fine Screen for water treatment unit is directly installed on the channel, and the solid in the water is captured by the filter belt connected by the net Plate, which is sent to the higher position in the rear of the drive device of the decontamination machine.

At the same time, a rotating brush will further clean the mesh.

Our product of the frame is made of stainless steel Plate and steel welded into a monolithic structure rigidity, the clean-up after welding machine frame is a whole rigidity, and have sufficient strength and rigidity, the condition of low regulation water level is not distorted deformation phenomenon, frame materials are all made of stainless steel, the two sides interval distance setting transverse brace, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

The Perforated Plate for water treatment frame for water treatment is a rigid whole, with sufficient strength and stiffness, and no distortion deformation occurs under the condition of the difference of 1.0 meters.

Between the two sides of the rack and the Perforated Plate for water treatment well, there is a gap between the two sides of the rack to prevent the passage of floating garbage.

The two sides of the frame are equipped with mounting connection support and fixed with expansion bolts between the base platforms.

3.  Traction chain and sprocket.

The traction chain used for transmission is made of stainless steel, the chain has enough section size, and the traction chain breaking strength is not less than 5 times of the maximum traction.

Transmission with traction sprocket and guide (chain), respectively in the frame on both sides of the upper and lower, underwater guide form, in structure and reliable facilities to prevent dirt of grid residue, etc. The guide is non-sprocket.

4.  Perforated Plate

The Perforated Plate is made of stainless steel and the net surface is the small hole arranged by rules. The net surface has the function of water and cutting, the step surface can intercept the larger filth.

The entire platform screen has enough water passage to ensure the water area and flow meet the design requirements. The flow rate of the sewage through the gate gap is less than 1m/s.

5. Cleaning brush

The cleaning brush is set at the starting point of the return distance of the net plate, which is driven by a separate speed motor. While the filter is moving, the outer surface of the net plate is unloaded and cleaned, and the cleaning brush is made of nylon material

6. Flushing device

The product is equipped with orifice plate scouring device to ensure that the return orifice plate after unloading is not adherent to dirt and completely eliminates the blockage of mesh.

7.Electrical control

It is equipped with local control cabinet, and the box body is made of stainless steel. The electrical control of it has the functions of manual, automatic, manual automatic switching, emergency stop, cutting, alarm, etc.

The electrical control of the Perforated Plate for water treatment has the function of overload protection. Once the failure occurs, it sends an alarm signal to the control center.


Experience and markets

KHN is professional Perforated Plate fine Screen for water treatment manufacturer, quality screens for wastewater treatment. Products are well sailed all over the world, got many compliments from customers.

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