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Disc Air Diffuser

Disc air diffuser is suitable for urban sewage and wastewater treatment plant. Small bubble diameter, small gas-liquid interface diameter, large gas-liquid interface area, uniform bubble diffusion, no hole plugging, strong corrosion resistance. Technical Parameter Product...

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Product Introduction


Disc air diffuser is suitable for urban sewage and wastewater treatment plant. It has a small bubble diameter and a small gas-liquid interface diameter with a large gas-liquid interface area, which can achieve the function of diffusing bubble evenly. On the other hands, it has the advantages of no hole plugging and strong corrosion resistance so as to ensure a longer service life. We have different specifications can be selected. If you're interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

Technical Parameter


KFB 200(8")


KFB 300(12")

Work ventilation

1.5-3 m3/hr. each

2-5 m3/hr. each

2-8m3/hr. each

Design ventilation

1.5 m3/

2.8 m3/

3.5 m3/

The Service Area




Pure Oxygen Utilization




Oxygen Filling Ability




Submerged Depth




Air Supply(H=4m)



4.25 m3/h

Product Characteristics

The Disc Air Diffuser adopts the technology of high tech CNC knife opening, which brings three advantages, such as good sealing, tearing resistance, long life and avoiding blocking on surface attachment.

There are a number of air guide grooves on the surface of the inner lining chassis of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, which can ensure the releasing rate of 100% when the aerator is in working, and greatly reduces the ventilation resistance of the aerator when it starts working.

The diaphragm of the Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser and the inner lining chassis and the fastening ring are mechanically assembled by thread locking to ensure that the diaphragm will never fall off.

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser built-in unique technology check valve, which is the latest development of a unique product, and has invention patents. Effective solution to the aerator inverted irrigation phenomenon.

The Disc Air Diffuser has high oxygen utilization and small resistance.

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

Working Principle

The bubble diffuser is composed of aerator, gas distribution pipeline, three-way, four-way, elbow, regulator, connector and cleaning device. The gas distribution pipeline is arranged in the usual annular shape, and the aerator is arranged in accordance with the air supply quantity and the density of the pool shape. The connection between the aerator and the gas distribution pipeline is connected by G3/4 threads, and the base is internal threads (fixed on the gas distribution pipeline) and the aerator is external threads.

Product Application

EPDM diaphragm with low plasticizer used in municipal wastewater containing industrial waste and industrial wastewater containing small amounts of grease and hydrocarbons. The maximum temperature is allowed 80 degrees centigrade.

Silicone rubber diaphragm is suitable for industrial wastewater containing more grease and hydrocarbons. The maximum temperature is allowed 100 degrees centigrade.


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