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The electrocoagulation method is a treatment process combining complex adsorption with redox, acid-base neutralization and air-floating separation.

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Product Introduction


The electrocoagulation method is a treatment process combining complex adsorption with redox, acid-base neutralization and air-floating separation. The alloy metal such as aluminum and iron is used as the main electrode, and an electrochemical reaction is generated by applying a pulse high voltage to generate electric energy. Conversion into chemical energy, at the expense of the anode metal electrode to produce a metal cationic flocculant, separation of pollutants from the water by agglomeration, flotation, reduction and oxidative decomposition, to achieve a technology to purify the water.

Principle description

Electro-flocculation mainly decomposes and separates the four main functions of electrochemistry: electrolytic oxidation, electrolytic reduction, electrolytic flocculation, and electrolysis flotation.

Electro-flocculation treatment of pollutants and removal effects

The electrode plates of the electro-flocculation equipment can be selected according to different materials to produce strong flocculation, strong oxidation, strong reduction, strong air floatation, etc., in order to achieve the best treatment effect, often used iron, aluminum, titanium , graphite, lead dioxide and so on. Each material has its own application area. The design of electroflocculation equipment and the selection of electrode plates are determined through extensive research and development and extensive engineering practice.

Positioning in the sewage treatment process

1. Electrocoagulation technology can be pre-treated before the biochemical system. Electroflocculation breaks down long chains and chains in sewage by using high voltage, breaking large molecules into small molecules to improve biodegradability, reduce the load of subsequent biochemical systems and improve the stability of biochemical treatment.

2. Electro-flocculation technology can also be pre-treated before being placed in the reclaimed water system. Electro-flocculation acts through the high-voltage electric field, breaking the stability of the colloid in the water and precipitating the colloid by flocculation, thereby preventing the subsequent water reuse system due to the presence of colloid in the water, improving the recovery rate and extension of the reclaimed water reuse system. The service life of the membrane tube.

Technical characteristics

1. Low investment costs

2, low operating costs

3. Low maintenance and repair costs

4, no need to add any chemicals

5, small footprint

6. Solving the problem of traditional electrolytic plate passivation by pulse current

7, simple operation, high degree of automation

8, equipment processing time is short, processing efficiency is high

9, adapt to a wide range of wastewater, can handle a variety of pollutants at the same time

10, equipment processing produces less sludge, high sludge compaction


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